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“A text is a lazy machine that wants its readers to do part of its job.” Umberto Ecco

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Night Shift, Stephen King

Review in English I won’t introduce Mr King. I don’t need to do this. The master of horror is so famous around the world that the evocation of his name is in itself a sufficient reason for people to get chills and goosebumps in their bed. I admit that I had them too, in myContinue reading “Night Shift, Stephen King”

Premier Sang, Amélie Nothomb

Critique en français Dans ce trentième roman, Amélie Nothomb relate l’enfance d’aristo-désargenté de son père, Patrick Nothomb, baron et diplomate belge. Parmi les événements marquants de cette enfance, il y a les vacances dans les Ardennes, au château du Pont d’Oye, fief décadent des Nothomb. Le Pont d’Oye ne serait rien sans l’autorité implacable duContinue reading “Premier Sang, Amélie Nothomb”

Betty, Tiffany McDaniel

“A girl comes of age against the knife“. Betty, Incipit Review in English Astonishing. Amazing. Emotional. Revolting. Compelling. Betty is a story that rips your heart out but you can’t stop to read. Betty is a fictionalised account of the author’s real-life family story, with her mother Betty, the narrator, at the centre of proceedings.Continue reading “Betty, Tiffany McDaniel”

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